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Share inthe cost ofyour seo

A new way to outsource your link building. Instead of hiring one freelancer or agency, instead work with hundreds and share in the cost. Our software automates the process quickly, easily and cheaply.

Share in the Cost


  • Create new campaigns
  • Add, delete keywords
  • Create your settings
  • Activate your spider

Once activated your scraping tools will start finding your link building opportunities.

Research and management tools built for efficiency

Search Facility

Search from a growing list of analysed websites with filters covering industry and SEO metrics.

Manage Link Builders

Build a team of trusted link builders, receive updates via email and use our application process.

Client Management

Add your clients websites to help us provide you with the appropriate analysis for further quality control on potential partnerships.

Website / Spam Analysis

View our 30 step metrics to get a complete picture of the website potential ranking potential for your clients.


We do not presume any price for this service but our team will help provide overal cost statistics to help you make better decisions.


Track your clients links after application so that you can be sure that they have not been removed or altered.


Recieve notification when new website are including, apply filters on what you would like to see and what you are looking for.


Choose what information you are willing to share with potentail link builders and when.

People working on laptops

Valuable Metrics

Get actionable data that will help grow your clients business

Ultimately we are a distruptive data and web scraping company built around helping digital agencies acheive better results for their clients and avoid that common pitfalls normally associate with outsourcing link building. This simple offering allow us to offer great things.

25Countries around the globe can use our service.

12M+website analyzed every year.

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