Our mission

Our mission is to revolutionize the link building process for Digital Agencies, offering a seamless avenue to augment their ROI without necessitating prior experience in link building. As a pioneering SAAS platform, we host a vibrant marketplace designed to bridge the gap between link builders, website owners, publishers, and agencies on the hunt for prime link building opportunities.

What sets us apart is our unique approach to commission — we take none. Our marketplace, enriched with sophisticated analysis tools, is dedicated to identifying and filtering out spammy links. This ensures that our clients are equipped with all the necessary information to make well-informed decisions about forging new link-building partnerships.

Our software is crafted with the explicit aim of empowering Digital Agencies. By providing access to meticulously analyzed link opportunities, we furnish agencies with the essential tools required for making strategic decisions. This effectively eliminates the uncertainty and trust issues commonly associated with link recommendation processes, ensuring that the suggestions you receive are indeed the best fit for your clients business.


Our goal is to create a freelance service marketplace but with amazing website analysis and automated functionality.

Chris Needham, CEO at Buzzshare